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Italian Perforations

Our Italian perforations collection of 46 patterns will take your project to the next level.

If you can't find exactly what you're after, please contact us to discuss our CNC perforating options.  

Download the PDF booklet of Momo® Perforation specs here. * Please note: perforation measurements are in millimeters.

Italian Perforations

Perforation 612 Porsche Classic Headlining -  - Image not available
Perforation 612 Porsche Classic Headlining
Perforation P-0038 -
Perforation P-0038
Perforation P-0040 -
Perforation P-0040
Perforation P-0048 -
Perforation P-0048
Perforation P-0050 -
Perforation P-0050
Perforation P-0060 -
Perforation P-0060
Perforation P-0062 -
Perforation P-0062
Perforation P-0064 -
Perforation P-0064
Perforation P-0074 -
Perforation P-0074
Perforation P-0078 -
Perforation P-0078
Perforation P-0085 -
Perforation P-0085
Perforation P-0087 -
Perforation P-0087
Perforation P-0090 -
Perforation P-0090
Perforation P-0091 -
Perforation P-0091
Perforation P-0095 -
Perforation P-0095
Perforation P-0108 -
Perforation P-0108
Perforation P-0108-D -
Perforation P-0108-D
Perforation P-0110 -
Perforation P-0110
Perforation P-0110-D -
Perforation P-0110-D
Perforation P-0112 -
Perforation P-0112
Perforation P-0122 -
Perforation P-0122
Perforation P-0124 -
Perforation P-0124
Perforation P-0124-D -
Perforation P-0124-D
Perforation P-0151 -
Perforation P-0151
Perforation P-0152 -
Perforation P-0152
Perforation P-0153 -
Perforation P-0153
Perforation P-0508 -
Perforation P-0508
Perforation P-0608 -
Perforation P-0608
Perforation P-0624 -
Perforation P-0624
Perforation P-0630 -
Perforation P-0630
Perforation P-0708 -
Perforation P-0708
Perforation P-0741 -
Perforation P-0741
Perforation P-0812 -
Perforation P-0812
Perforation P-0841 -
Perforation P-0841
Perforation P-0841-D -
Perforation P-0841-D
Perforation P-1224 -
Perforation P-1224
Perforation P-1230 -
Perforation P-1230
Perforation P-1250 -
Perforation P-1250
Perforation P-1280 -
Perforation P-1280
Perforation P-2008 -
Perforation P-2008
Perforation P-3008 -
Perforation P-3008
Perforation P-40 -
Perforation P-40
Perforation P-50 -
Perforation P-50
Perforation P-712 -
Perforation P-712
Perforation P-America -
Perforation P-America
Perforation VIP 133101 -  - Image not available
Perforation VIP 133101
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