Leather Evolved

Thema Nappa for Customs

Thema was created for those who want the best - a soft luxurious feel with the silky smoothness of a Nappa automotive leather.

When creating Thema, we wanted a leather that is more dynamic than most OEM leathers. Using a tanning process that creates a very soft hand is where we started. We also wanted a little more elasticity to help you when trimming those custom one-off projects. Then we added the perfect amount of abrasion resistence to the surface, careful not to use too much. Next, a treatment to boost the sheen a little bit to make the colors pop under those car-show lights.
In the last step we printed the Nappa grain into the surface just like our OEM leathers, but since this is softer it shows a little more variation and texture.

What we have created is a leather with a soft hand and nice lustre combined with the right amount of abrasion and UV protectant to make it a perfect leather for customs and restorations.