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Pelle Fresco Leather Collection

We feel that knowing a little more about the Pelle Fresco product may help you in deciding if this is the right article for your project, and in conveying its suitability to your clients. There are many different upholstery options to choose from and knowing your way around them is key, as not all leathers are created equal.

Pelle Fresco is a lightly corrected, pigmented article, with a light urethane/UV finish treatment. This is natural grain leather like in the good old days - not the uniform print you see on most auto leather today. A little durablility is traded for an amazing texture and feel.

Pelle Fresco is our most popular collection with the Customs and Hot Rod crowds. It has a little bit more sheen than OEM automotive leather, but not too much. This subtle extra boost of gloss really shows off the workmanship and details of your custom upholstery.

Not to boast too loudly, but we feel we've got the equation perfect with Pelle Fresco. A slightly lighter top coat is used, resulting in soft, waxy, melt in your mouth looks, with enough durability for your ‘sunny day’ car.  

Your baby's not a cheap date. Don't treat her like one!

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60 Gorgeous Colors of the finest Italian automotive leather. In stock and ready to ship.