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OEM Audi Leather

Audi Nappa

Just like Audi’s range of cars, their Nappa leather collection is classy and understated. No bold reds or blue colours. Instead, Audi’s range of Full Grain Nappa leather is inspired by the earthy tones of nature. The colours are muted, and can be considered conservative. A perfect choice for a classic.

The leather is selected from European cattle, and is very clean and easy to work with. Using Full Grain Nappa for Audi will give you a polished and refined interior.

Audi Valcona

Valcona is Audi’s top of range leather. Using the same raw material as their Full Grain Nappa leather, this print is lighter with less contour, resulting in a very smooth texture. The difference between Nappa and Valcona is very subtle. Valcona is soft to the touch, but still durable enough for every day use.

OEM Audi Leather Styles