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Leather FAQ

If you have a question that we haven't answered, please call or email. We are happy to help.

Q. Why can't I find pricing on your website
We sell to the trade only and therefore respect their right to privacy on this issue. We are happy to provide pricing to qualified buyers.
Q. How do I order samples?
A. You can order samples from our website. You'll find the "Order Leather Samples" tab, under "Contact" on the main tool bar at the top of the page. Or, click for a short cut to "Order Leather Samples". There you will find our collections available.
Q. If I want to order a custom color is there a minimum amount?
Yes. In order to create a custom color our tannery needs to process 3 hides. This represents about 165 square feet of leather.
Q. How big is the average hide?
Typically our hides are 55 square feet. Check out "Measuring Hides"under "FAQ" on the main toolbar. That page also provides some helpful tips on measuring for your order.
Q. If I'm ordering leather from the stock collection how long will it take tdt arrive?
Stock leather ships from our Italian office. Once your payment has been processed we need 1-2 days to pull and package, and shipping takes about 3 business days depending on your location and the type of shipping you choose.
Q. How long will my custom order take?
Once your paint or fabric sample reaches our Italian offices, it usually takes two weeks to produce a sample. From there, we need to send that sample to you for approval. Once that's done, the hides will take two to three weeks to produce; then they're ready to ship to you.
Q. How much is shipping?
Cost is determined by weight, distance, and urgency. We have the best rates available as we do a great deal of business with our overseas courier. We're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. You can use the checkout option to calculate shipping costs, or give us a call and we'll work it out for you.
Q. Can I order a portion of a hide?
No, Hydes sells complete hides only. See "Measuring Hides" for a diagram of a whole hide.
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